Resetting the origin


Even if I knew Rhino for a quite a long time (thanks to Mitch and my studies ;)!), I have been really using it with more consistency for only a few weeks.
So, here is my problem:

I started a model from a Swiss Topo 3D .dxf file (a portion of a city with all its buildings) I downloaded, which his, apparently, georeferenced. I created my model in the needed location, which is FAR away from the file origin. I experienced quite a lot of display and precision issues, without understanding the reason of it. My last situation was regarding the extremely light shadows my objects could cast on each other… I end up finding the main problem is the distance between my working area and the 0,0 origin of the file. Which is confirmed by this topic:

So, I know the easiest way to fix my issues would be to move all my objects closer to the origin, BUT, I spent hours positioning and saving quite a lot of named views (30+) matching drone shots of the area, in order to implement my models in the picture.

When moving the objects to the origin, the named views, obviously, do not follow the move, and end up targeting… nothing

So the 2 options I have in mind are either:

  • Moving the cameras and targets with the other objects to the origin (don’t believe this feasible)
  • Changing the origin of the model and setting in the center of my models (hope this would be my salvation).

Is one of the above doable? Would it be any other way to keep my named view and having a functional scene ( I need to ba able to cast shadows )

The workaround described in the linked topic does not work as my cameras are far away, so when using them, I don’t have shadows casting on my targeted model.

In advance, thank you very much for your precious help, and for all the great content available on the forum!

This is definitely doable, you can show the cameras from the NamedViews panel, so when they are visible and selectable, you can move them along with the rest of the geometry:

Thanks for the quick reply Jarek!

That sounds like a good start. But I can make only one camera at the time visible right? So I guess I’ll have to figure a way to repeat the move operation for each camera. Like having 2 copies of my building, one being still far and copy at the origin. Then having 2 top views on my panels, one on each instance of the building, and then moving my cameras using the same points on the two instances.
Does that sound like the shortest way to proceed or is there any Rhino magic trick I should know to make it easier?

But that already sounds much more efficient than rebuilding all my named views!

No, you should be able to highlight all NamedViews in the panel and check the “show” box, all should show and you can move them all at once…

Thank you Jarek!
It works great! I did not knew this “show” box exists! I was using the “Camera → Show command” so far, which which was not very convenient for my purpose.

Well I did not though it would be so fast to get help here!

Thanks again!!

Hi Adrien,

Great, this is probably better than the other option, keeping your model very far from origin is never a good idea.

And you got it, this is THE place to get Rhino help.