Tkinter and Matplotlib Import into Rhino Python?

This is probably an oft-asked question, but have any updates been made to IronPython as to importing Matplotlib and Tkinter for use in the Rhino Python console? The last question I saw referring to this was this one, which says there’s no news about Tkinter.

Other posts suggest using Eto for Rhino Python as Tkinter was, at time of the post, not compatible with IronPython for import and use in Rhino Python.

Hi Bianchi,

No, there having not been any new changes to Rhino’s IronPython implementation that will allow it to reference previously incompatible libraries.

For user interface, you might consider looking into Eto, which is the cross-platform UI used by Rhino. It already is included in the Rhino for Mac and is available for those using the Rhino for Windows WIP.

Here is an example:

Rhino Python script Eto help

– Dale

Thanks! I’ll give Eto a try, but it’s kind of sad that there’s not been some progress made yet on referencing libraries such as Matplotlib and Tkinter.