Python user interface

Hi there,

I have number of simple question regarding Python GUIs

What I currently know about Eto is that Eto is a framework that can be used for user interface design for Rhino6 for both Mac and Windows.

Can I use Eto for websites?
Is Eto specifically designed for Rhino 6 only?
What is the reason Eto is not implemented for Rhino 5?
What is the difference between tkinter and Eto?
Why Tkinter does not work with Rhino?


  • No, it is not a web development framework
  • No, see
  • I think it is possible to use Eto in v5, but Eto integration was started in the WIP stage of v6
  • They are different toolkits. Tkinter is based on Tcl, Eto on .NET wrapping native frameworks
  • Tkinter is a CPython library, they don’t work in IronPython

Thanks, this was very useful.