Rhino Python script Eto help

I’m attempting to create an ‘accordion’ style dialog control with rhino python using eto.
A helpful fellow over on eto’s github pointed me in the right direction but I’m not super familiar with c++ (I assume that’s what it was written in)

Would someone be able to help me recreate it in python for rhino?
I’ve worked a little with eto and Rhino Python but don’t fully understand how the two work together. I have started with the script here.

Hey @gent,

I’ve created a more complete example of what you’re looking for here.

I have tested this on Mac Rhino WIP and Windows Rhino WIP. An example of what this looks like:

And expanded:

I hope this helps!


Wow, thanks for taking the time to write that out! Your example makes a lot of sense, and is very similar to what I was attempting to implement.

I gotta say the Rhino forums are by far the best I’ve ever come across, kudos to the McNeel team!


This looks great Curtis. @dan, we might want to link to this gist in the python developer docs in some way

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Nice! Yep, we’re still in the midst of re-wrangling all the samples, but I’ve got this on the list (WWW-456).

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