Python 2.7.8 library


In Wip 6 does not work the rs.MessageBox.
In Python 2.7.8 exists a library Tkinter (GUI).
Does anyone know how you can use it in RhinoPythonScript?
Ciao Vittorio


Hi Vittorio, @stevebaer said: “Tkinter will not work in the version of python that is embedded in Rhino.”

I would appreciate it if this was included by default in the future, along with numpy… :wink:


(Steve Baer) #3

The version of python that is embedded with Rhino is IronPython. Tkinter does not work with that implementation.


There’s a version 6 WIP? Did I miss something (like an announcement to the forum)?

(Pascal Golay) #5

Hi Dan - see Welcome to Serengeti


(Steve Baer) #6

Yeah, I just added Dan to the Serengeti group.


Thanks. This is exciting!!