TITAN X performance

building my first PC, is anyone using a Titan X with Rhino ( I know it just came out ) – any thoughts? Is there something out there that would be better?

I haven’t used that specific card but here’s a bunch of related info from a recent topic here…

Thanks Brian, I’ll let you know how it performs.

Let me know how it goes. Currently, I’ve go an AMD Firepro W7000 that has 4 gb of memory. I drive an AOC, 29" HD monitor as I mostly design yachts that have the sort of aspect ration that fits the 21 x 9 ratio of the monitor quite well. Did I mention is was inexpensive? That too. The rest of my system though is not inexpensive and maybe deserves a more appropriate graphics card. Although rendering in Flamingo only really uses the six cores of my overclocked I7 3930K and doesn’t depend so much on graphics card ability. There are other programs that I use that do, and a report on your investment would be very welcome. Cheers, Rob