GTX Titan X - Worth the money?

On paper, the GTX Titan X seem like a golden card offering 3D rendering with over 3000 CUDA cores and sublime gaming ability to boot.
However the downsides also seem like they shouldn’t be ignored. For example being very juicy, wattage wise. Also possibly needing water cooling, therefore extra expense and complexity, in order for the card to run at it’s optimum level.
Am I missing something or is this card really worth the expense as the best of both worlds as a pro card and gamer. Or are there better, more cost effective options for someone who is mainly a 3D modeller but one who doesn’t want to compromise too heavily on gaming quality.

I’ve been using a GTX Titan Black for a while and have been happy with it. I do a lot of rendering though with Cuda so that’s the main reason I chose it. I find it works well with Rhino using the latest drivers from Nvidia. We (McNeel) don’t recommend any specific GPUs since there are many variables that control user experience… OS, display driver, model being worked on, display mode settings, personal opinions, hardware set up etc. but you can read through what we collect from users in terms of recommendations here…

I don’t water cool the Titan but have provided good air circulation which has kept it happy under full load (animation rendering / ~4hrs). If it’s winter, you can turn the heat off in the office so you’re right about it using power but this is still less than stacking multiple cards IMO.

Rhino’s display speed has gotten better and better on large models over time and releases but don’t expect any card to be the perfect solution if your main hope is a super fast display of huge models. If that’s what you’re after, focus first on display mode changes like not drawing isocurves or mesh wires, combining mesh objects to limit the number of total objects and reducing the render mesh density settings globally or per object.

So is it worth the money? I suppose that depends how much you have.

All kidding aside, I hope that helps.

If you have a speed problem than an expensive graphic card will not solve it, since the GPU power isn’t used by Rhino. At my complex models I have 1 fps and 15% GPU usage (GTX780). You can spend a lot of money, but the bottle neck is at the software. An expensive card maybe useful for GPU rendering.

what has been said in this thread is correct, I just want to add that it also depends on how hard you stress your system besides rhino.

I do a lot of rendering and create companion files/3d paint in other software while having rhino open, so I am very happy with the 12GB compared to the 2x2gb iI had with 2 quadro4000s.

Photoshop is openGL now, any other 3d software will also use GPU ram, several rhino documents will each claim their share of the available Vram. If you run out, your system is much more likely to become unstable and/or slow.