Viewport Performance - Heavy on CPU, not GPU - Why?

Hi All,

I have a lot of lines/curves in my Rhino scene, and when I pan around I notice that my CPU usage shoots up but my GPU usage only goes up a few percentage points. This does not happen when I am in a large scene comprised of primarily 3D geometry/

I was just curious if this is just the way it is or if something is not right with my graphics settings. Below are the relevant specs on my computer.

GPU - TitanX
CPU - i7-5960X OC’d
Memory - 32gb

Thanks, Justin

That is just the way it is. Our “curve” drawing code is very different than our “shaded mesh” drawing code. Curve drawing is typically CPU bound.

Great, thanks for the feedback Steve.


@Steve , I usually use rhino for 2d drafting…is there a way to speed up pan and zoom in layouts?
I noticed slow performance in layouts with wireframed details (Rhino5 64, win 10 & i7 2600k)…only CPU is working on this layouts…and a medium size (60Mb) 2d drawing with a few 3d models is quite slow…any suggestion to speed up the viewport?

Not really other than hiding things

You should use quadro display to run rhino in OpenGL, not gtx serious (include Titan serious) :wink:

I try 3nos sli Titan < 1 nos k4000 quadro to run rhino.

Thanks, I supposed there should be some real difference of performance for the price they cost ! Seems to be hard to choose now, since for rendering some render engines requires lot of CUDA cores, and that would suggest GTX series…

One Titan x is only to render a simple 3D model on any rendering program for rhino, such as a ring or toy. I spend much money on there:sob: