Tips to exploid great RHINO by sketchup user

i´ve been using sketchup for a while, but it´s time to enrich my work with rhino.
due to limited knowlege, could you please help me to answer a few questions please?
thank you!

  1. guidelines, that can be moved, rotated etc.
  2. photo match technique in rhino
  3. creating components like in su
  4. is there any 3d warehouse for rhino?

I found this tutorial helpful, it may not answer all of your questions but I’m sure you will find it useful :slight_smile:

I don’t know SU too good, but Rhino has:

  1. SmartTrack
  2. PictureFrame
  3. Block
  4. No, but you can import SU 8 files and faces can be converted to Nurbs surfaces while importing. Downside: Most files in SU’s warehouse are not setup in a very good way.

thank you guys for help, very much appreciated!

Also, in V6/WIP, AddGuide, RemoveGuide


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Rhino also has PerspectiveMatch which can be used to align an object with a photo of the object which is used a wallpaper.

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thanks, a good job !

any other tips how to get into rhino from sketchup are welcomed

Do not assume that Rhino is similar enough to SketchUp. Take time to go through some Rhino tutorials. The User’s Guide, Level 1 and Level 2 training are excellent.

Also make sure you understand the concepts of NURBS curves and surfaces which are the basis of modeling in Rhino.


thanks for your help.

i just wish to ease my transition from SU to rhino:-)

btw, is it possible to import scanned 3d object by android phone into rhino?


Probably. What file format can you save in / export as?

thanks for asking, it was just my genuine idea:-)

i´ve one technical question on how to wider the red area , but to leave untouched the yellow area.
i´ve found this model and wish to change the lid to fit into my funnel.
unfortunately, i´m not the original buider of the lid, therefore any help is very appreciated:-)

Lid.STL (1.8 MB)

Hi Flyboy - in this case it is not hard to get back the orignal shape as surfaces - you can make a few strategically placed sections (Section command) then use arc and line tools to reproduce the section curves for the basic shape - then extend as needed . Adding back the details will be fiddly but it seems pretty straightforward.

Lid_PG.3dm (1.3 MB)


"holy guacamole"
that´s pretty cool trick, thank you pascal!
i ´ve to spend more time with Rhino.
best of luck and do not hesitate to share whatever you like!

Hi Flyboy - this is an especially easy example to get clean curves from as it’s almost all lines and arcs… it does not always work out so well by any means.


a very good technique indeed.
btw, is there any section cut tool to slice my original image for other editing like in sketchup?

Hi flyboy - see the Contour command in Rhino.


thank you for your patience.

so it´s then easier to redraw the lid from scratch , rather than to edit an old model.

Also the Section command.

try typing what you want to do in the command line before asking the forum. You’ll be surprised what you find… every program should have a command line.

And the “Help” for a command usually includes at the bottom a link to a list of other commands with similar or related functions.