Transitioning from SU to Rhino

With the latest Release/Changes in Sketchup (2019) I’m thinking it’s time to transition my work to Rhino. (Currently, I’ve only been using it for personal projects.) SU is obviously pushing users to subscription and cloud use at inflated prices. This makes me think my time with SU is coming to a close. (I’ve used it since V4) At this point, I am hoping to figure out how to use Rhino with the kind of speed I have with SU.

I’m open to any suggestions to speed tips, or pointing me to commands that do what I want but am yet unaware. Especially from users who moved from SU to Rhino.

I’m a terrible typist. When I type an incorrect number in SU, once the VCB is highlighted, I can just type the correct number, even multiple times till to object is correct in real time. Any way to achieve this in Rhino?

In SU, a new line splits a face, and the sections can be push-pulled. I can split a face in Rhino, can similar be done with a Rhino polysurface?

I’m not sure if anyone is familiar with the SU plugin “Profile Builder 3”. But this is the bane of my SU existence. Any similar plugins for Rhino, or will I have to learn Python and program it myself? :thinking:

What you have shown (+ much more) is achievable in Rhino, plus it has a vast repertoire of plug-ins, many times not even fully needed provided you know the ‘rhino method’.

I don’t reply this because I’m a Rhino fan, not even an ‘expert’, but because I also began with sketchup, long long ago, and never went back to it after I played with Rhino ‘just to see’ what happened.

Rhino is command-based, which means you have an opportunity to become a better ‘typist’ :stuck_out_tongue: anyway, aaand while learning a software that kicks the other one in the butt!!!

Just a ‘humble’ opinion…go for it!

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I think you need to be ready for some pain, ready to unlearn your current workflow. Rhino’s logic is quite different from that of SketchUp. As you work out your Rhino workflow I suspect you will be glad you made the switch. You will find plenty of support on this forum.
Python is great too but Grasshopper may be better suited to your needs if you wish to automate some of your work… maybe?

Start here first -
And You will find how primitive SketchUP is without its plugins, and how much more expensive is compared to Rhino!