Tiny problem in a fillet

As far as I can understand at this level of my experience, there’s nothing wrong with the fillet shown, and yet when rendered there’s a flaw. Where do I look to correct this?

WalkieTalkie.3dm.zip (334.4 KB)


Yeah- the render mesh is a little unclean… set File> Settings > Mesh to ‘Smooth and Slower’. More info here:



Thanks for that Pascal. I was looking for that setting in the prefs/objects area. Is there a way to make the mesh settings a standard for all models? Secondly, even after chaninng the setting to smooth I still get the artifact you can see in the screenshot. I can manage to select it or isolate it.

Yeah- looking more closely -

Something ain’t right… was this result from FilletEdge? I’ll try to reproduce…


I can’t seem to get in as close as you do. What are you doing to get such details?

Update - okay I found a view of it but I don’t see any control points when I turn them on.

James, I restored the model to its unfilleted state, but I cannot reproduce the glitchy fillet…


Okay, thanks for looking into it. I suppose if you detected anything amiss in the unfiltered model you would have pointed it out, so I guess there’s a gremlin. When you have a moment would you tell me how you managed to turn on the control points shown in the screen shots you sent?

Hi James- sorry, I forgot that question - I extracted the fillet surfaces - ExtractSrf - to have a closer look. Once extracted as single surfaces, points can be turned on. I set the camera to parallel projection when I need to zoom in really close.