Three.js JSON Object Scene Format 4

Are there any plans to update the Iris PlugIn to output in the newer Three.js format?

In particular using the BufferGeometry would improve memory usage when loading the models.


Apologies for the late reply, this came through when I was AWK.

Iris exports to a JSON Object Scene compatible format 4, but you are right, we only use Geometry. Switching to BufferGeometry has been a task I’ve wanted to undertake for a while, but have not come around to it. Here is a link to the issue in case you want to track the progress.

At the moment though, I’m going through a code refactor so that the part of Iris that converts Rhino objects to JSON can be used by other projects, so changing over to BufferGeometry is not high on my list until that gets sorted.

Thanks for the update. I also noticed that the current JSON output is missing the metadata element which is needed if you want to load the JSON with the latest THREE.ObjectLoader.

That is strange, I don’t see that over here, but I can do some more extensive testing tomorrow morning.

Can you send me anything to test? A 3dm perhaps?

The files I have simply start with the “fonts” element. I need to test again, but the Iris plugin has expired and downloading the current one doesn’t help. Can you re-release Iris?

Loading Iris, version 06/19/2017 10:06:08, expires 09/17/2017 10:06:08, validity 0 days

Installers have been updated. Please let me know if this fixes your issues.

Thank you for updating the installers. Actually the metadata element was there in the Iris export, one of my other tools was removing it, sorry for any confusion. I’ll track the BufferGeometry in the issue you linked. Thank you for your support!!

Are you using just the JSON export? If you have any use cases, or can share some of what you are doing with it, I’d really appreciate it! Also, any features you’d like added (besides the already discussed BufferGeometry format), let me know.