Iris 0.6.0 Released

Hello All,
A new version of Iris has been released. Along with this release, documentation has been updated, including the API documentation. Here is the Changelog. Use this thread to comment on any issues with this latest release.

A few highlights:

  • There are some important dependencies that have been removed in order to make Iris easier to use. Now, there is no irisweb.exe or to view scenes locally on your browser.
  • There is now one installer for all Windows versions thanks to work on the Rhino Installer Engine by @will and others.
  • All options are configurable from the Rhino Command Line.
  • Iris exposes three file types upon export:
    • .iris: The archive of files and folders (as in previous versions).
    • .html: All of the logic, model, etc embedded into one monolothic html file.
    • .json: Only the model data. Can be viewed in the three.js editor:

  • All images are material texture images embedded in the model data as base64 images.
  • Support for different fonts has been added, although it is limited. See this tutorial to add your own font.
  • Support for Orthgraphic Views.
  • Shading modes! Added a few different shading modes. One can visualize edges, basic cel/toon shading, etc. Edges, Wireframe, and Ghosted are toggles that can modify any shading mode (Default, Shaded, Toon, Xray, Zebra).


Default + Wireframe

Default + Edges

Default + Ghosted


Shaded + Edges



Xray (works best on dark backgrounds)



Just made an incremental release to extend the time period as well as to fix an issue with the installers. @will has made some great progress on the Rhino Installer Engine which means that I could distribute all of the Windows versions of Iris (Rhino 5 and Rhino WIP) together. Unfortunately, this will not work for users that do not have Rhino WIP for Windows installed. Now there are three installers:

  • (for Rhino 5 Windows 32-bit and 64-bit, sr12 +)
  • iris.wip.rhi (for Rhino WIP Windows)
  • iris.mac.macrhi (for Rhino 5 and WIP macOS)

I seem to be having a problem with textures.
Rhino 5.4 on a Mac, Iris

Exported to Iris but only one of the three textures seems to be rendering.
Granted, I have also noticed a similar issue when exporting into COLLADA format, so it could be a deeper, Rhino issue.

Let me know how can help to hunt down this issue - Iris seems awesome enough to justify investing my time to help :slight_smile:


can you send me the file to