Threadripper vs Ryzen CPUs

I know that AMD and Intel are probably going to be dropping new and improved CPUs later this year, but in general, is there an advantage of AMD’s Threadripper series of CPUs over their Ryzen line or vice versa? I’d be using it for Rhino 6 (eventually 7) and a GPU renderer (such as V-Ray)

Any insight would be of help.


It depends on which particular Threadripper and Ryzen. I should think it comes down to how many cores you might want for rendering, or if you need the amount of memory that the Threadripper can be fitted with.

The first gen threadripper likely won’t make financial sense–even on sale, because the 3900x is faster at multi-core and single, too.

I have a 3900x. The motherboard and RAM price is comparable to the processor. The 3950 was tempting, but I am trying to watch my money.

You should have a good supply, as well–especially if you want a heavy hitter video card.

If I wasn’t doing a lot of rendering on the CPU and video exporting, I likely would have gotten the 8-core 3800x. The 3700x makes more sense, but I would want a stable faster clock for single-core operations.

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If you are going to render with GPUs, you certainly don’t need the many cores of a Threadripper. You’ll be fine with a 3900X or 3950X, even a 3700X or 3800X would be totally fine. With the AM4 platform you will still be able to throw in the next generation of CPUs if you want to upgrade later.

The money you save for not getting a Threadripper plattform can be put into a more expensive GPU or a second GPU.

Threadripper is awesome but more for redering with programs that don’t support GPUs. Video editing for example. Also software development, since they can compile really quickly. Something where you use lots of virtual machines is also a good scenario for a Threadripper build. Not Rhino, atm.

If you are doing large renders, the may not work with Cycles GPU, though those same renders do work under CPU.

I’m not an expert, but if I remember me right there is a difference between Ryzen and Threadripper for driving multi GPU setups. So, if you plan to use multiple GPU for rendering, there could be a bottle neck.

… I found the old thread where I got the info from a V-Ray hardware guru: