POLL: Intel i9 9900k vs AMD Threadripper 2920X ? Urgent please

My computer is being built by the amazing folks at memoryexpress (god bless their hearts) and now Im at the final stage and serious deliberating between these CPU’s. I’ll be using this for work, 12 hour days, mostly (90%) Rhino 6 + some vray next, and some blender/zbrush/keyshot/photoshop. Your thoughts/suggestions about which CPU is better? Will be paired with a 2080ti graphics card. Current build list in case you want to see exact components they’re building for me: https://ca.pcpartpicker.com/list/cGZWxG

  • i9 9900k
  • AMD 2920x

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Can you make it through to september when the Ryzen 9’s are released? The 3950x is a monster.


Unfortunately I can’t. My current laptop specs can’t keep up well with Rhino 6 and I need it for work. I guess I could buy one now and then re-sell it down the road to upgrade? This rapidly evolving technology feels like an exponential curve… just when you get something new and shiny, tomorrow a better cheaper version comes out lol. It’s great but also horrible lol

Well the ThreadRippers like the 2920x use the TR4 socket and the Ryzen 9’s use the AM4 socket so you would have to wait until the end of the year to see what new Threadripper CPU’s AMD releases.

However you could save a little coin today by buying a standard Ryzen CPU instead of the threadripper and drop in a new Ryzen 9 in september and still come out on the plus side. This is all assuming that you aren’t concerned about PCIe 4 and you get a motherboard that’s ready for the new power consumption requirements of the Ryzen 9.

My desktop runs a Threadripper 1950x that I got about a month after the initial release. It’s been my favorite CPU of all time and V-Ray flies with it. I am excited to upgrade it to the next version later this year.

I supposed I would just need to ensure that the motherboard would be compatible with the upcoming new threadripper so the swap wouldnt be problematic?

If you buy a ThreadRipper chip you can only upgrade to another Threadripper. The socket is different. Lot’s of leak websites out there are speculating the next threadrippers will be 32/64 core monsters due out before christmas. AMD claimed TR4 and AM4 compatibility through 2020 so in theory you could upgrade the 2920 to whatever’s next provided that your board isn’t a lower end board without enough power.

Thanks Travis. Did you find any stability issues with the threadripper? Any issues I should know about?

I had a few ram timing freezes when first overclocking past 4 ghz originally with my motherboard (Asus Zenith Extreme) but a bios update fixed it. Initially the Zenith wasn’t seeing ram speeds past 2600 mhz. That’s been over a year ago and no troubles at all. Running at stock clock speeds I never had any troubles. I’ve been running at 4.0 ghz now steadily for over year without issue.

Here was my v-ray benchmark on the 1950x at stock clock speeds the day I built the system. I was very very happy! I have since upgraded the video cards to 2 1070ti’s


Thanks Trav. This is such a tough call. Would love to know if there are any arguments in favor of the i9 9900k?

Id say the the argument for the 9900k is the single thread performance over the 2920x… For most operations its going to be about 15 to 20% faster. However… once you start a render going the 2920 is going to pull way out ahead. I think the 9900k is slightly cheaper at the moment too?

This is why im more in favor of doing a Ryzen 9 in september. The entry level Ryzen 9 beats the 9900k in single thread and multi thread benchmarks at half the price.


That’s the best argument Ive read yet in favour of the ryzen. Damn! I guess it will come down to price at that point…

Yeah, you’re less than 90 days away from the biggest launch of CPU’s this year. Hard spot to be in.

Thanks Trav. Just spoke to the computer builder and it’s confirmed…Im going with the threadripper. The motherboard she will install will also accept the next threadripper update cpu so I should be able to upgrade at that time. :slight_smile: Can’t wait to work on this machine!

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Having problems in the past with AMD drivers, a pitstop vanish speed advantage.
The monitor is small. better a big 4K 144Hz monitor than a small 27 2K 60Hz (60Hz it will give you problems staying several hours in front of the monitor).

LCD monitors don’t have the flicker that makes a 60hz refresh rate hard to look at, just CRTs, which I remember, but yes I would in fact compromise performance for a bigger nicer screen.

Thanks Alan. I read in some places that the whole eye strain 60hz vs 144hz is a non issue and that you can’t see or feel the difference (https://techreport.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=119886)
Also, they have “flickr free” in this model but not sure how effective it is tho: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QMXYfi2lRdA
As for the 4k question… Ill have to see how I feel about the benq’s qhd.

Like what problems? I’m not currently on AMD–next one likely will be-- but I had one at the turn of the century and it was great, the teething issues were sorted out literally decades ago. The basic instruction set all 64 bit PCs use is in fact AMDs.

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This is not true for my case.
For fact having a big 50inches at:

  • 30 FPS I can not stay in front of it any more than 3~5hs each day before threw up!
  • 60 FPS 10hs each day before threw up. (I mean working or looking to it for a month no stop)
  • 90 FPS using VR 4hs each day before threw up.
  • 120Hz in the past with tube monitor was much better

So I presume I can handle more hours working well without been sick using 144hz or 120.
The brain works at 60hz. Foreshore more frame rate better it is. more 144 I do not see the point unless playing a CS:GO.

conclusion: In my case, if I use a small monitor can be no much difference but if your monitor is big you will feel the difference and is prove with VR. (I’m a game developer)

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This is true. Modern screens aren’t flickering like old CRT’s so you will not get eye strain from 60fps. Above 60 fps is only needed for those who need very rapid updates and that is basically ONLY hardcore gamers and VR screens. For everybody else 60fps is fine. And you can trust me on this, I am a light blue eyed nerd on that stuff and had a very hard time with sub 60fps crt’s back in the days (little pigment in retina = light sensitive) so I also can’t stand the rainbow effect and flickering from DLP projectors. I currently use a 38" UWHD Dell that is a large and bright 60fps screen and it is fantastic to work with for 10 hours straight.

I agree on this! The larger the screen the more fps you will need since objects travels physically further for each frame. Same goes for CAD if you mainly work in 4 views since the actuall view that is navigated is small, but rapid movements in fullscreen when navigating CAD isn’t very common. So a slow moving image on a large panel with 60fps will not strain your eyes. (IMO)

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