Thought on Named CPlane(Adding Thumbnails display option)

I’m not sure if other people agree on this.
Named Cplanes doesn’t have Thumbnails display option. When a model has lots of Cplanes are made and saved, It’s really hard think of different names for all different parts of a model, most likely get confused in the end. So isn’t it a good idea adding Thumbnail display option on NamedCplanes?


I have a handy hack-trick that works GREAT for this exact problem.

  1. Make a layer just for C-Planes. (Make it a bright & unique color if prefer)
  2. Create a simple flat plane anywhere you need a C-plane. (Rotate or move as needed)
  3. Later, when you want to switch to a new C-Plane, just click on the [C]Plane and use the CPlane→From Object Command
  4. I make a keyboard shortcut so its even faster.
  5. I also use SetObjectDisplayMode for the planes, so they are always shaded, even when working in wireframe.

Now, you can just click on any C-Plane and enter your shortcut – BAM! New grid and CPlane. It’s fast and intuitive.

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Also, there is

_-NamedCPlane _Select



Also, there is _-NamedCPlane _Select

Good suggestion. I have tried that as well. But after 3 or 4 different names, I run out of creative energy for unique identifiers. It’s so much easier for me to just click on a [C]plane and use the shortcut.

Hi Dave- yes, but the nice thing about Select is it puts a little icon at each named cplane location, in the viewport, that is, and you just click on one to set that cplane. The name does not come into it that way.


Hi Schultzeworks,

Thanks for the tips. Yes it’s a good method of doing this.