Identify Active CPlane

I’m new to Rhino so maybe I’ve missed a way to do this but…

It would be helpful if the name of the active Cplane were displayed somewhere.

I’ve created several named Cplanes with origin at 0 but slightly skewed from the default plane. When I go to a viewport, I cannot tell from the display whether I’m still seeing a named Cplane or one of the defaults.


Hi BoxJoint - No, I do not think you are missing anything - there is no good way to see the current plane’s name. A sort of partial workaround would be to find the plane and select it in the NamedCplane list and it will show you a little XYZ triad at the origin of that plane… but that is not a lot of use if the planes are all in the same location and not very different from one another.


Thanks Pascal,
I’d like to suggest that for the wishlist then.

Seems like a good time after 4.5 years to re-request this
here’s a simple panel ui indication that I hope is not too difficult to implement.

thanks a lot

This would be a much appreciated feature. I prefer to keep them independent depending on viewport and when I am in a hurry it’s too easy to mirror something across the wrong axis, etc. So I find myself “making sure” by specifying when a quick glance at the display would often be all that’s needed.