Bake Planes to Named Cplane

Does anyone know if it’s possible to bake a plane into Rhino’s Named Cplane. I have a bunch of planes in grasshopper and I would like to create “plan” view of each one of planes. My thinking was I create named cplanes of each one and then set the view to plan.


you can create the cplanes like this. (3.2 KB)

I asume later you would like to make a capture to view or something?

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Awesome. Thanks that is exactly what I was after.

Yeah my plan is create detail views aligned with those planes after they are baked into the file.

Hi Baris,

Thanks this is awesome and has a lot of potential for managing architecture projects as well.

How easy would it be to modify the script to give custom names to those new Cplanes? I know nothing about writing code.


Hi Ivan,
glad it helped.

I added a version with the posiblilty to put a name. (10.8 KB)


Awesome Barris! It works perfectly and will be very useful.

This is a draft of what I want to use this for:

Create and Name CPlanes at Different Elevations.3dm (36.0 KB)
Create and Name CPlanes at Different (25.1 KB)

It would be great if CPlanes had a unique ID to manage changes easier. The only way to overwrite them now is using the same name.

Thanks a lot



do they have ID in rhino?