This Object as 1 Srf

Hi all,

I’m strugling with what it looks like an easy surface.
And probably easy to do if you know how.

These are 3 srf’s and I want it to be one srf only for my plugin.

But I cant get it to work.

I’ve tried Loft, Revolve Rail, NetworkSrf and couple of other things.
But I can’t get it smooth. Revolve Rail will make the corners “bumpy”.

All help is appreciated.

Ovaal.3dm (75.4 KB)

Here it is as one surface, although I don’t know where you want the seam…


Ovaal-1Srf.3dm (105.1 KB)

Exactly what I was looking for. How did you make this?
For future usage :smile:


Basically you need to use MergeSrf with Smooth=No after having split a couple of the surfaces in the appropriate places (don’t forget to shrink the surfaces after splitting). Beware, this will create a “composite” surface with internal G1 joints. For some applications these may not be ideal.

Short video here.


Thanks for the video. It made a lot clear. Thanks :smiley:


Just out of curiosity:
Why do you need it be one surface?
What’s the benefit in your case.


Nothing really special.

I got a plugin where I work with different brep’s that the user can edit to create an insole.
All the brep’s are defined by me. So if all brep’s are made out of 1 surface I can “use” all breps the same way and dont have to edit the code a lot :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah, I see.
Thanks, Norbert