How to Merge Surface to a single SURFACE


I’m trying to join 3 different surfaces into a one single SURFACE (not polysurface).
Is there any way to do this? I have try mergesrf, but this method does not work because those are trimmed surfaces. "Can’t merge trimmed edges of surfaces."3 Surfaces.3dm (402.9 KB)

I need the one single surface to set it as srf into grasshopper and then apply a panneling pattern with LunchBox.


I think there is no easy way to do this… for it to be a single surface you have to use for example a single Loft, Sweep or network Surface.

I would recommend e.g. working with profile curves and then using the networkSrf command

Good Luck!

Thanks for the tip, still can’t create that same geometry with that method
I will keep trying other ways to do it.


Well a some brute-force sculpting would do it as a single surface, but that might not be suitable for the paneling methods. You’re simply not going to be able to do this all in one go.

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It’s easy to build a similar surface by sculpting, as JimCarruthers mentioned. It just takes time. Start with Ellipsoid and follow the instructions that I wrote as layer names in this 3dm file. The simpler models from the earlier steps that were used to make the latest model are hidden into their own layer. This shape is not optimized for perfect zebra analysis, but it’s a good starting point that you can improve with some tweaking via the control points. Once you get to the point where you need more details, run Rebuild and increase the number of control points for the V direction (from 18 to 32) or manually add a few knots with “Insert knot” command where you need sharper valleys between the hills.

3 Surfaces Bobi.3dm (1.7 MB)


Perhaps there is no need to use a single surface for paneling? (17.3 KB)
if you don’t want to sculpt an equivalent or similar - or if you must keep this particular shape - maybe cheat with GeoGym (bullant) plugin to make quick network patches (NOTE: patched surfaces not always the smoothest, but you still get a boundary curve for the panel).

BullAnt: BullAnt | Food4Rhino

…also stole a python component from here:

also check this thread:

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Very Nice, this way seems to work fine, the only issue I have yet is that the 3 hill (the trimmed one) Does not match the pattern with the other.

I will try to fix this!

Big Thanks!

This way looks just fine, I will redo the elipsoid with the axis on the other way!


Yes, originally that was also my intention as it would result in smoother sides, but I was too lazy to redo the work and build a new ellipsoid from scratch. :slight_smile:

Many years ago I used to do lots of organic modeling of humans, animals and other creatures with Rhino 3 and 4, but it was challenging to do so since “Clayoo” and “T-Splines” were not existing at the time. Here is one of my latest sculpted NURBS models from 2013. The teeth are separate surfaces. The eyes are “valleys”, but I split them with a vertical surface so that they appear as open holes.

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