This is Random!

…Or is it? :alien:

Nope, it probably isn’t! Since you base it on Delaunay mesh triangles, the pattern is a slave to the way that the algorithm orients each triangular subdivision of the square base cells. It’s doubtable, that the Delaunay triangulation makes random choices here. There’s probably some kind of decision making under the hood.

That is an interesting, quick texture

It certainly doesn’t make actual random choices, but it may make pseudorandom choices. If there’s more than three points that lie on a circumcircle, then pseudo-randomness will feature in the outcome.

Yeap that technique has been around for awhile. There is some post about it on the old forum. I’ll try and dig it up later. Till then here is a similar one:

Shame for the down-sampling in the old forum @Shridhar_Mamidalaa


I was only trying to say there are more ways of doing things. We use random and Noises to mimic Natural patterns . The question is do we fully understand why Nature does these things ? . Until we understand Natural behavior “fully” we are Mimicking with our small minds.

C# (46.8 KB)
I have used Random to generate the pattern u did.

Is there actually a path here from some A to some B, or is there any way of showing there is?