"Thick" option not memorized in Pipe tool

The “Thick” option is not memorized in the “Pipe” tool if not run sequentially.
Why don’t ALL tools simply retain whatever options were last chosen ?


Similarly, the “Type” option in “_DimCurveLength” always reverts to “Leader”, even if changed and the same command is ran again.

So if you have a bunch of curves for which you want to annotate the length by a text instead of a leader, you are good to spend your time clickety-clicking on the option each and every time.

Silly and inconsistent.

The behavior you are describing is what we call “sticky options”.
There are three different levels of “stickiness”:

  • Permanent sticky or Once changed, stays changed.
    A couple examples are the UseExtrusions, and CheckNewObjects commands. They do not revert to default unless you change them. Another one is in BooleanDifference, the option if the input objects are deleted or not.

  • Session sticky
    These are settings that stay changed during the current session of Rhino. When Rhino is closed, they revert back to their default.

  • Not sticky
    These are command like the one you described. These revert back to defaults the next time you run them.

We determine these settings based on customer feedback.
They are not silly and inconsistent, they are set based on how the greater user base wants them to work.

I’ll take your gripe as a specific vote for how sticky the options are for these commands. If there isn’t general agreement, we will not change them. If there is, we will.
In the meantime you can easily make a simple command macro that makes them act how you want them to act.

I wasn’t aware of that.
It’s a mess but kinda organized based on how you perceive users will want it to be.
That’s not a way to make an interface smart and customizable in my opinion.
I don’t have time for that voting / lobbying business so I’ll just make macros.

Really don’t like this distinction. Everything should be perm sticky in my book. Especially hate pipe caps being non perm sticky.

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