R7 wishlist

  1. A checkbox to have all commands have their options perm sticky. (Ex: Extend, ExtendSrf, Pipe, Array etc.)

  2. Dimension commands to have a sticky option of an offset, so you can pull a bunch of dims with the same offset not worrying about lining them up pretty.

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What is that?

That the options you select in a Rhino command stay that way until you change them, even after closing and opening rhino.

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Oh, well, I support this request :+1:

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I had the same issue about setting until I decide to make my own buttons because some times I needed them as default too,
also to configure some shortcuts like the images below:
Loft with straight section for developable surfaces

Surface from UV curves to use as base surface for FlowAlongSrf

MergeAllFaces after Boolean Union:

about the dimension offset it could be awesome, yes. perhaps a workaround with the connected option.