Thesis help

Anybody know how to make this form in rhino or grasshopper ? Its the front elevation with pointy curves

do you have any experience with rhino?

What are the rules that give this shape? If they involve esthetic elements or other human input, then you might not be able to do it in grasshopper.

Here you go

thesis completed.3dm (54.7 KB)


In all seriousness, I’d advise you to review this: How to ask effective questions and try framing your question a little differently. “How do I make this” plus a single sketch is not really enough information to help you. Making it in Rhino is a very different proposition than making it in Grasshopper — so which is it? Have you tried anything yourself so far?


@andheum Actually its for friend. i usually asked very detailed question I myself use rhino and little bit grasshopper. My rhino was having little problem so in the mean time I asked for help. Thankyour for the help.

Can you send me in older format I have rhino 6 not 7. It would be great

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the rhino file was just a joke, I don’t think it will help your friend much. thesis completed.3dm (62.5 KB)

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It was a joke, 2D only, your “friend” won’t get anything from it. The request is ridiculous.

haha yeah I saw its 2d form. Sorry for the absurd request I just rushed toward question here. wont be happening next time @Joseph_Oster @andheum

This can be done in Rhino.Inside. This tool is great for beginners.

i am absolutely riddled as to which relevancy this statement has. can you explain that a bit more? why would you need Rhino inside here?


what is going on here :wink:
maybe you are willing to describe the need for rhino inside here?

Yeah, I know exactly what this is all about. Last year, I built a thesis generator using Rhino.Inside, and now I’m a Fun fact, I immediately got a job at McKinsey which allows me to consult my government on how to spend tax money. So I coded a tax investment generator as well… It told me to cut all the money on education and basically everything else and do a one-time invest of 100 billions on defense equipment to buy obsolete or overpriced military equipment to fight a nuclear war against Putin.


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