Need some help with using grasshopper [beginner]

hello i could use some help with this grasshopper method im trying to do
im basically trying to do the same as the marked lines that i made manually, but i want to make a grasshopper script to do it. Any help is very appreciated!

3. Attach minimal versions of all the relevant files

i send u this here:
double curved (6.3 KB)

oh i thought u asked for it, i can see that u wrote something! Thanks alot i will read into it!

Your geometry is not internalized so the GH file is useless. Either send the Rhino file you are using for points and curves or internalize them in the GH file, as explained in the guidelines.

Most threads on this forum are started by people new to Grasshopper so that statement is irrelevant. What is very important is that you read and follow the guidelines so others have something to work with besides words and images.

Elliptical Volt (13.6 KB)

waow! thanks alot!