The Thunder Fifty

This new 50 footer is being cost out amongst a couple of builders and we should be able to see it in production in 2021. 50’ LOA 14.5’ BEAM, 31250 lbs. displacement and 54 mph with the four Yamaha F-350’s shown as determined by CFD.


Hi @Robb

Sorry to ask such daft questions, but I know next to nothing about boats :no_mouth: What is the “purpose” of such a fine boat? Is it for fishing, recreational, touring etc.? Are you supposed to climb the “tower” and steer the thing from up there - it looks as if there’s controls there? If yes, why? Beautiful boat and sorry for the dumb questions,
TIA, Jakob (aka. The Boat Ignoramus)

If you peruse the net to look for “big center console boats” you will find many with similar so called “tuna towers” . The idea is to have an observer standing on high

That has a better and much longer view of the fishing grounds. I certainly did not invent this sort of detailing but did borrow some ideas from existing boats. The hull

And deck however I have made strictly from scratch and borrowed little from anything existing in the hope of creating a boat with more to offer and better aesthetics

Than that which exists now. Often these types of boats go out for a long day returning to port quite late. Hence the layout for overnighting forward in the boat.

Thanks for your remarks, Rob

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now thats a term to remember :smiley: your boat somehow reminded me of some italian elegance, maybe riva or what not.

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Four Yamaha F-350’s and it’s about as fast as Patriot and the other foiling America’s Cup yachts are doing under sail.

C’mon, get that hull out of the water! Its a challenge…

Does the America’s cup foiler have air conditioning? Can it carry eleven passengers in comfort? To me, a long time sailing yacht designer, the foiling cup boats are exciting in that they can go so fast over the water with little in the water. Does that trickle down to the buying public in a way in which they can enjoy a days’ sail with an enclosed head, a bunk to lay down on out of the sun? Used to be that A-cup tech could trickle down in terms of wing keels, fin keels and separate rudders, coffee grinder winches (first seen on the J boat ranger). The answer is obvious. Ever land a sailfish on a cup foiler? But my hope is that when you go sailing and see one of these, you say to yourself, “you know for what it is it is good looking” Cheers mate, Rob


Hello… Where will this boat be built? Which yard?

I have a yard in the far east that has arrived at a price and two yards in the UAE that are working up prices right now. It should be built by one or another of these yards all of whom are quite good and very experienced. also, all the yards mentioned have built super yacht sized motor yachts as well.


Excuse me… But east of where?

The Far East is my way of keeping a lid on this project until I’m able to release more information. It’s safe to say it’s East of Eden; Eden, NY that is!

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Yes! excuse my ignorance Of ‘UAE’… (I found)
Thank you…
Which material do you use in your ship yard? Alu, composit, Steel?

The design calls for simple E-glass FRP construction using polyester resin. The displacement of the T-50 is enough that weight of construction does not pose as large an impact upon the overall weight of the boat. In fact, upon completion of the initial weight and cost study spreadsheet, the boat could not reach it’s designed displacement falling roughly 7.5%. I threw in everything including the kitchen sink to bring the weight up. This is actually a good thing as it normally just the opposite; constantly trying to trim here and there. Thus the simple E-glass laminate schedule. This will help in a big way to control cost as well as it construction requires less expensive materials and methods.

Very nice looks

By what means did you make the CFD study? Was a Speed/Power study only or did you do sea keeping and maneuvering as well?

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The CFD analysis indicates speed vs. HP, heave and pitch and will show an tendency for the boat to porpoise as some Renato Levi race boats did. Pitch and heave were comfortably within the acceptable range and no tendency for porpoising at any speed up to 50 knots or 57.5 MPH which I had set as a goal. With the outboards shown at 350 HP each, the speed potential is in excess of 50 knots. I used 60% as an efficient variable, though I have seen others that use the same ORCA/Semeric’s software that use 70% as an efficency variable. .

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There was a reaction to my posting of this design on my Facebook page which sums it up quite nicely: “This boat is perfect for fishing and overnighting on the waters outside of Tampa” IE on the Gulf of Mexico. As it seats 13 on deck, it would make an ideal tender for a super yacht. Of course, the fishing tower would not be required and I have other views of the boat that show it without the tower and just the shade over the center console. If one were to cruise the net with the search phrase “large center console boats” the result would be in my humble opinion somewhat less alluring than you see here. But that’s largely because I am a proud father of this 50’ child! There is tons of room on deck to land a large sailfish, tuna or other desirable catch. It also provide lot’s of security with a deep cockpit the bottom of which is still well above the LWL.

I have actually redone the center console to be more in keeping with the rest of the boat and am posting the new renderings here that illustrate the new geometry.

Yes one would climb to the upper reaches of the pipe work to observe at a greater distance fishing grounds. This is not a new concept but actually a tried and true practice with these types of boats.

I should add that this venture into a large offshore type of center console is a wholly new voyage for me; I am largely a sailboat designer and have been for many years. But I do recognize market trends and this boat represents the upper end of the hottest market in boating today.

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@Robb This boat looks like a candidate for a pair of the new Mercury 600 HP outboards.

That would be a great alternative to the Yamahas shown. Why do I show Yamaha outboards

? Because their website offers 3D CAD files1