The Popup Tool is No Longer the Same After Update

After I ran the update my popup tool bar is not the same. I figured out how to get rid of the command buttons I don’t want on it but I can’t seem to get my favorites back on it like Control Points on/off.

Hi MilCAD - if you pop up and float the toolbar, you can Ctrl-click and drag other buttons onto it to add them to your pop up. If you make changes like this, use Options > Toolbar > File menu to SaveAs your toolbar file to a different name so that it will not be overwritten if default.rui is replaced, which is I think what happened to you.


Awesome Pascal… Thank you!..

When coping buttons to my popup, I duplicated a button on my Standard sidebar menu. How can I delete it?

Hi MilCAD - shift-click n drag the button out into the Rhino viewport.


Thanks again, I’ve always just been satisfied with the standard tool bars so I’ve never messed with any of this…