How to transfer popup toolbar

Hi Does anyone know how to transfer popup toolbar from rhino6 to rhino7 … don’t know if this is possible? 20201214_134544|507x499

thank you

Hi Fares -
If that is a custom toolbar, you should have saved it as such and should then be able to just open it in Rhino 7.

hi wim
yes the pupop toolbar is personalized … I don’t know the procedure how to copy and save only this toolbar. and then transfer it to rhino7 … i have copied the rui file from rhino6 toolbars. but this completely transformed all toolbars in rhino7 … I would like to replace only the popup

I think you can go into Options>Toolbars, hit file>Import, browse to your V6 .rui file, and then you will get a list of the toolbars you can check to import. You can choose only the Popup. It will be renamed to something like Popup00 or something like that on import to V7. This is from memory, I haven’t tested it.

Thank you helvetosaur
I managed to take the pupop bar I needed to change the middle mouse button options to be able to run it as a popup, it works perfectly. …
oddly all the other toolbars have been duplicated. !! yet I only took my own toolbar … it’s not a big concern anyway. I will simply clean them

Hmm, that’s odd. I should only import the selected toolbars. I tested here now and it seems to work that way.

it looks like a bug. I am not sure
there is also an article in this forum, which discusses the unwanted duplication of toolbars in rhino …