The plug-in wont load on macOS rhino 6

the plug-in wont load on macOS rhino 6.

Exception System.TypeLoadException:
Message: Invalid type MetaHopper.BottleneckNavigator for instance field MetaHopper.BottleneckerParam:navigator

Yes, Metahopper 1.2.4 for windows does not support mac. Metahopper for mac is available on food4rhino:
If you’re feeling brave you can also use the prerelease version, which should be supported on mac.
metahopper.gha (269 KB)

Thanks - I will try the prerelease. Tried the mac-version from food4rhino but had no luck.

also, I only test these things on the Rhino 7 Beta mac (where it definitely does work) — I strongly recommend using that over Rhino 6 mac if you’re doing anything grasshopper based, it’s much more stable.

Metahopper in Rhino6 and Rhino7 (official) back to work - thank you!