Grasshopper def. works on Windows, not on Mac

I’m having an issue where my grasshopper definition works on the Windows side of my bootcamp, but not the Mac side. It’s using the grasshopper plugin Silkworm. Both Windows and Mac are using the same Silkworm download, both sides show Silkworm is installed in grasshopper, but on mac this error pops up (see screenshot). Both sides are using Rhino 6.

The grasshopper definition was written on Windows Rhino 6. Any reason a definition written on Windows wouldn’t run on Mac Rhino 6?

I believe Silkworm doesn’t support Mac. As you see there is no apple logo. You can also see in each downloads platform description they are both for windows.

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As Michael mentioned above, you are missing the Silkworm plugin! Your script seems to be rather old, since the current Silkworm is version 2. It installs fine on macOS, even though is not officially supported.
All the missing components (from your above screenshot) are also available in the latest version, so you probably just need to substitute them, once you’ve installed it.

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That did it! It is running now on the Mac side, despite it not showing it’ll run on Mac on Food4Rhino. I had installed Silkworm from the developers website, not Food4Rhino, so I guess they are auto-sending the earlier version.

Thank you both for your help!

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