The "new" UI on the Mac. custom tool bar [tool palate] is gone

A very important custom tool bar of mine seems to be gone… now there is only the default and some kind of Mac default… but how to get back the custom tool palette [which was obviously not saved as RUI file] I did save a fresh Preference file just before updating So everything should be saved.
[I would try to call ‘Import Preference’ if only there was a command line to call command… [reported in a separate thread ]

thanks a lot


The old Mac PLIST based tool-palette system has been replaced and there is currently no way to import old custom palettes. I logged a bug for this issue RH-69839

Just to have a way to access the custom tools will suffice… I can build a new toolbar but I need to get to my custom tools, [they are not all the same as in 7 so now I can even check what I had there [and rebuild all from scratch…] it’s a pretty destructive transition on the Mac side . I really hope you’d give us a way to get to our custom tools please.

thanks a lot


Are you just looking for a way to import custom button macros?

Yes thanks
currently I cannot find my custom tools, there is only the default tools and some kind of default Mac tools…

Hi Akash - in Preferences > Toolbar, use the + at the bottom of the linked rui files area to link existing rui files. You can then use macros and buttons from that linked file.


Hi Pascal
As far as I know, Mac Rhino until now was never allowed to write RUI,
all there is, is an obsolete Plist that the WIP doesn’t like anymore…

is there another way?
with thanks

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