The location of "selection arrow" is not correct!

I’ve recently downloaded Rhinoceros Wenatchee V.5 on OSX Lion 10.7.
But I have problem with even selecting objects. I also can’t draw anything on a specific location by simply clicking on that spot. The objects I draw appear somewhere far from where I expect them to be!
I’ve been using Rhino on my system for almost a year and never had this problem with older versions.
could you please help me?

Does this thread explain your problem?

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Yeah… This is exactly what I’ve been trying to explain! I really dont know what to do with it and it’s almost deadline for my projects! So I need help ASAP!

Did you read all of that thread and follow its suggestions?

yes, but unfortunately I dont have an older version of it, I deleted the last one when the newer version was completely downloaded, because it was expired!

There’s more in the referenced thread that you have not answered or mentioned.

The thread asks that you post your OpenGL settings. That will help a lot.

The thread talks about an out of date version of 10.7. Do you have an out of date version of 10.7?

The thread suggests running System Update to update your system to the latest version. Have you done that?