The latest update has slowed down grasshopper / revit instructions

Yesterday I update rhino WIP (7.0.20064.14095, 04/03/2020)
With the previous version (used in the morning) it took a few seconds to import the objects from RVT into RHINO, now with the new version (used in the afternoon) it takes minutes and often crashes.
It seems that grasshooper continues to check the RVT model with every action I do in grasshopper.

Giorgio B.

Hi Giorgio,

Could you please check the tolerance in your Rhino model?
1mm. is a good one.

What do you mean by this?

For a big project (more than 10 rvt files) I was importing the architectural model from rvt to Rhino. With the version before the last update the breps creation operations were completed in seconds, while with the last update this operation takes minutes.
I checked the absolute tolerance of the Rhino model and it is much smaller than 1, as shown in the screenshot.
I will try to correct the value and see how it works.

Thank you

I had modify manually the absolute tollerance to 1 and seems now everything works fine.

Giorgio B.


I don’t know since when you didn’t update, but an other thing that may happen is that the last version is converting more geometry.
On previous versions we had a bug that stops converting geometry when one piece of geometry fails to convert.