The input point lies outside of Revit design limits

Hi guys,

I have a large topography that I am placing some components onto. I have places first phase successfully. But when i try to place it for another portion, i get the following error. Furthest object is 11 km away from the origin. If needed I can share the file in DM.

There are limits and our options are limited.

More detailed info
Part I
Part II
Part III

Yes, I saw that. Funny thing is it was less than 15 kms and I ended up placing them manually. How can I place them manually but not programatically? That is weird.

I’m curious as well, I’ll do some testing today on the limits. There is conflicting Revit info on the actual limit and how it can be handled.

Is there any update on this matter, I am facing a similar issue where I can’t place components directly from GH, but I can place them manually.

I didn’t get any further. @kike was there a workaround for this?

My workaround is placing them any where close to origin and then using a custom move component to move them to place… I also thought element location component does this but it gives the same error so not sure what happens inside the element location

But wanted to know if there was another method to not have to edit definitions