The Gallery of Despair

Most of what I put in the “Gallery” was put up before there was a system to automatically grab the first image.

Other people have taken time and effort to reply to those threads.

Now, I have several works in progress, portrayed as my gallery/resume’ . Usually the best renders are not the first image–but the last one in the thread. I am not going to say that using the last image would have made more sense than the first, but I am thinking it. : )

So, when I see my images in the “Gallery” it’s upsetting to me.

If I delete all the threads, then the responses that people put forward would have been in vain.

If I replace the first image with the final, then the comments that people have made, are now out of context.

I still wish we could chose our own gallery images.

Alternatively, I wish there was a category, where you share your ongoing projects with people, to help share how to make things, and about the process.

I wouldn’t have thought it either, but I guess, I am more of a get-people-involved person, than a show-off.

I get what you are saying, but for the meantime, I think I have seen people edit their first post, adding the final/desired image, with a note, “here is how it turned out further down the thread”

I like scrolling through a long gallery thread and seeing the progress.

Yes, and that is a large part of why I like doing it, BUT…

…the problem is: because I shared, and shared early, what Rhino Discourse did with my “gallery” images is a mess.

The problem with that is: you are removing/changing the context to which other people have replied. If you do that well, you are going to stress about it. If you do that badly, you make a liar or a fool out of someone else’s words. While I am guilty of live-editing posts, I try not to greatly change anything about them.

Either way, it corrupts the chronology of a discussion.

Ever see the television series “Lost” ?

Are you able to change the category on your own created topics? If not, let us know and we can move them out of the Gallery category. That ought to solve your problem.

Many of them are too old. Some might be possible.

Taking the first image would seem to encourages people not to share the process.

This should have never been in gallery. It might have been a slip of the dropdown box, when I was using my laptop.

Apart from the older gallery items that you cannot change, although this is probably easy to fix, I don’t quite understand the issue. If you make a normal thread then you can just post your work in the order you want. Only once it is finished you make a new gallery post, and optionally put a link to the process.
Alternatively you make a gallery item with a placeholder and reply immediately with the first draft, then update the first as your work progresses and continue adding your progress in reply.

Respectfully, I don’t see the basis for this not being an issue–when I cannot even complete the task of fixing it–without asking admins/ops to help me fix/delete the old threads.

Then, there’s the additional steps and procedures to work around something that was supposed to be a feature.