Suggestion: Gallery Category

Hi All, I wondered if anyone else would like to see a Gallery Category here on Discourse?
I don’t think it would have to be specific to certain renderers, but more a general Rhino Gallery where users can post images of their creations in Rhino, using any renderer they have, be it Rhino Renderer, Neon, Vray, Brazil, Maxwell etc.

On the old original Newsgroup forum users used to post renders of what they had managed to create or render in various renderers, and was great inspiration as a Rhino learner at the time to see what was possible and was also an opportunity to showcase users hard work, which often only ends up being seen by a few.

OK. Perhaps if enough people agree with me then the powers that be would consider a Gallery Category. Michael VS


Love it.

I think this is a good idea, especially if it’s stipulated that the poster (by posting) gives implicit permission to McNeel to use the images in the gallery on the main website…


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On other forums I frequent the Gallery is often the most well attended thread because it’s not just a place to show work, it’s also a place to answer questions about how the work was produced, what techniques were used.


It would be great to have a gallery!

I agree that a gallery would be nice for everyone. It would give others an idea of what can be done with the various rendering software.

All my best … Danny

That’s a nice idea, thanks!

I made a new sub-cat for Rendering here…

I made a gallery post. Let the renders begin.