Gallery and Profile Configuration Wishes

Thank you. The problem is: I feel that we are discouraged from improving or showing what we are doing–because we can’t chose which image shows.

I wish that each user would have some number of images which can be flagged for inclusion in the gallery. The tag or icon would be searchable, so we can find the ones we no longer want.


I’m with Brenda on this - would be great to be able to change the featured gallery image.


I agree this would be useful, I will discuss this internally.



Brenda, did you not intentionally put air rays to encourage people to stop smoking?

I know this isn’t ideal, but in order to control the image presented in the gallery, edit the top post, and make your preferred image be the first one.

You could do something like:
Current Best Image:
(image here)

The Conversation:
(original first image)


What I can’t imagine very clearly is how we’d make it work very well any other way. If you have a post with multiple images, presumably you’d want to be able to tell Discourse that the 3rd image in the 17th thread is the most important. How would you do that, exactly? Put some text before or after it like “Discourse Gallery Image Priority:1003” and have the highest number (or lowest) be selected as the thumbnail? Would there need to be a whole other UI or tracking system where you’d see a collection of images in a different UI, and be able to drag them around?

Honestly, this all seems just about as clunky and complicated as editing the top post.

What I wish I had in Gallery: if you are the original poster, you could click a [Include in Portfolio] button.

Many of my gallery image threads where there before the system was put in place before the scraping and showing system was implemented. Many of those threads are locked because of their age.

As implemented I hate the &!&(&ing “Gallery” Portfolio feature. I, like many people here like sharing the process; the feature, as implemented–discourages that.

Perhaps this all of my Gallery threads could be moved out of Gallery. I would say delete them all, but people had taken time, and had earned hearts. Then, there’s other people’s time and effort.

Hi Brenda, thanks for your reply. I think I’m following you here. You want to either:

A) Be able to update very old threads (older than when the Gallery was implemented) so that the top image is one that you’re proud to show in your Profile. This, I think we can do. There’s a setting for “max age to edit” that administrators can control. I don’t know what the downside would be to setting that number to “forever” (or something practically equivalent like 10 years).


B) Be able to remove topics that are in the Gallery from your Profile. I agree that for this scenario, moving the topics out of the Gallery may be most sensible. I appreciate your courtesy of not deleting the threads, and agree with that move.

Is that correct?

Edit: I also propose a third option:

We help you edit the existing posts (there aren’t very many). If you reply to the threads in your portfolio with images you’d prefer were the representative image, I can go back into the existing posts and insert them in the top-level posts.

Really, what I want is to:

Click on a button on/near an image, selecting it for inclusion in the Portfolio.

For instance, if I when I get a new video card, job 1 will be to tweak and re-render most of the images for my personal portfolio–and the one here, if possible.

(I made a mess of my own thread here. Sigh. Meanwhile there I had made a thread dedicated to it.)

Got it. That sounds like a pretty big lift; it would mean possibly allowing many images from a thread to populate the Portfolio. I agree that this could be useful, but as it stands, I think we’ll just need to have the top image in the thread be the portfolio image.