The elevation mark cannot be seen in Detail views

I have a question. Can someone help me.

I want to generate elevation views for each room, and each room will have a plan Detail views, but currently, in the Detail views, I can’t see the elevation markers. Can this be solved in Rhino.Inside.Revit?

What scale are the elevations set to be hidden at?

I’m guessing its #14

It seems this is not the issue. You can try to create elevations in the detail views, but it doesn’t work. Is this an inherent mechanism of Revit? I’m wondering if there are other methods, such as Rhino Inside Revit, to achieve my goal.

You are creating a detail callout, which isn’t going carry those annotations through, you will want to create a floor plan callout instead. Yes, this is the way Revit has always worked.

The problem is that in Grasshopper, there is only the “Add Dependent View” function available, which cannot add the corresponding number of views based on the number of rooms, and it also cannot adjust the view size based on the rectangle outline. Is there a better way to achieve this?