Elevation Marker in Sections and Elevation Model Views

Can the elevation marker annotation be rotated for use in front and side views? It appears to reject such rotation.

Wherever I have worked in architecture in western North America, the elevation marker style which VisualArq provides is used exclusively to identify, in section and elevation only, lines which show particular levels (most often floor levels but frequently any sort of vertical datum line, the latter usually in details).

(What I am used to to identify floor level elevations in plan, btw, is text in a box identifying the elevation of the floor elevation of the surface over which it appears.)

I’m not sure the symbol VIsualArq uses on sections and elevations for floor levels is right for North American use, particularly (but not only) because the nature of the alignment is different, but in any case it’d be good to have a Z-axis position-reporting annotation symbol for other datum lines other than floor levels.

@djhg, Only Annotations from blocks can be rotated freely. Those from gh definitions (like the Elevation mark) can’t be rotated yet. We are working on this feature though.
How is that Elevation mark you usually use? You can try to make your own definition in GH for that Elevation mark representation and create an Annotation style out of it.

How is the representation of those elevation reference marks you usually use? We could consider adding more options for that.

Are the elevation marks you use from agh definitions available to be reverse engineered & repurposed?

@Prehabitat, I’d be eager to share the definition that is used by the Elevation mark style, but we are facing a bug in the Text component that generates it. I’ll share when this is fixed.

Hi Francesc,

Was the bug in the text component ever fixed?

Thanks, Andrew

@Prehabitat, @andrew6 Yes, the bug was fixed a few versions ago. Find attached the def. used for the Elevation Mark object. (Rhino 6) Elevation Mark.gh (22.1 KB)

Perfect - got it, thanks! :slight_smile:

Thank you Francesc :ok_hand:

Hi @djhg, since VisualARQ 2.7 version, it is possible to insert annotation objects in any construction plane. Take a look at this post: Elevation mark - #4 by fsalla

Thanks Francesc. I’ll look into this.