The Deadly Black Rectangle

I started off the day by opening Rhino 8 (Windows 11) and proceeded to play with the application option/Appearance/Colors/Dark, Light & Custom. (I don’t know if this has any influence on what happens next, but I thought I would mention it.)

I start to setup to render a truck I am working on (to get in more depth with Rhino). I make a few render settings and click Render and No Image, just a black rectangle but the stats for the render in the bottom left corner are still displaying (it seems to be working on something) but the final result is nothing but black.

But when it Renders I get this:

I save it as Rhino version 7. I open it in Rhino version 7 and it renders without the black window issue… see attached:

3Min 36Sec From Rhino v7

Does anyone have an idea, why it would behave this way in Rhino version 8?

I am not sure how I cleared the issue, after making adjustments to the Rendering Panel, and resetting NVIDIA Control Panel, the Rendering window returned.

This is my guess at what fixed the issue for you in Rhino 8. I’m not sure what setting may have been involved but if this happens again, please see if you can reproduce it with only a couple parts of the model and then use Export to save only those as their own 3dm file. Post that file so we can try to reproduce it to see if it is file settings.