Rhino 8 Rendering Issues


I have some problems with Rhino 8 rendering, first it wouldn’t render at all but after reinstalling my grafic card it started working. But for some reason there keep popping up small black parts on my renders, not entirely sure what I’m doing wrong.

Hi Jonas - I don’t know what the scene is supposed to look like but I guess you mean these?

Can you please export all the parts of that wall to a new file, verify the problem still exists, and then send to tech@mcneel.com, with a loink back here in your comments. If a new file does not show the problem or that is impractical, please send the whole file. SaveSmall and zip the file - if it is very large, please upload to Rhino - Upload to Support to my attention.


Such black spots typically mean coincident surfaces.

RhinoCycles jiggles all geometry a bit, which handles most cases, but sometimes surfaces will still end up coincident.

Yep, Nathan got it - @Jonas_Herwege many of the boxes are there twice - SelDup and then Delete to clean up.