Thanks for new layout tutorial Videos from McNeel

I recently viewed the new layout tutorials from Mary, I learned quite a bit and I enjoyed Mary’s teaching style. These are nicely done and contain a wealth of information.

The only distraction for me was that they are so low res that they hurt my eyes to view them. McNeel might consider using camtasia or something similar since you could get higher res and clearer videos without file bloat. I think the videos could have more impact if they were a little higher res visually and maybe larger in scale.

Thanks for posting these Mary and McNeel they are extremely helpful and they were posted just in time for me since I am using layout space much more now.

Would you please provide a link to the videos?

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Hi Andre,
The link is on the splash screen when you start V5.


Here’s the link as it will only be on the splash screen for so long.

or direct vimeo link:


Hi Roland,

Were you watching the videos in full HD? You can enable this in the embedded video player and also download the 1280x720 versions on our Vimeo site. Here’s the page with the individual sections of what Mary recorded on layouts.

We generally record at 720p and I tried 1080p once or twice but it didn’t seem to be necessary considering the file size increase. Thanks for the feedback!

Hi Brian,
Argh yes I didn’t have the HD button on in the chrome browser, I turned that on and now the videos are nice and clear, full screen too.
Thanks again for these nice tuts and thanks for your help,
Roland M

We have video in thread now? how is it done?

just paste a link from Vimeo.

Only Vimeo? No Jing/Screencast?

I’m not sure actually. Try some and make a Meta topic post if you find something isn’t working right. The Discourse developers may be able to add support for it.