Free Weekly Video : Dave's Dimensioning Strategy

Fresh and free this week! LinkedIn Learning / Lynda has my new video titled ‘Dave’s Dimensioning Strategy.’ Check it out.

Do you have trouble sending rhino data to people who DON’T have Rhino? Do they blame you for not being able to open a 3D file? Or, do you just want to make a super sweet image for your presentation?

Solve these problems by making a clean and beautiful screen capture with dimensions. Check out the video to see how.

This is from the course called Rhino Tips Tricks and Techniques. Each week, a free new video is released. Plus, many of the topics were suggested by friendly folks from this fine forum.

Hi Dave,

It would seem to me that a good candidate for a companion to this would be how to do the same thing using layout. That way you wouldn’t have a copy of the model for each of your views, you can put your dims in layout space so your model remains uncluttered, and you can annotate inside Rhino instead of having to export to Photoshop, InDesign, or similar. For your step where you stroked the outline, you can do something similar in Rhino by drawing over select parts of the model in layout space with your desired weight line (or overlay with the result of section, silhouette, or make2d, so there isn’t too much manual work, using ChangeSpace (testChangeSpace in V5) to pop the results over to layout as needed), and can add hatching as desired.

Side note on -viewCaptureToFile, you can use the scale option to change the capture height and width proportionally.

Always fun to watch and see how someone else does things.


I use the layouts all the time, so thanks for the suggestion. I think the same thing in layouts would take many more steps, even thought it would provide far better control – for a pro user. I’m usually aiming for beginner to intermediate users.

Hey! I never noticed that. I just tested it and love it. Thanks for the heads up!

I totally agree. Thanks for your post and feedback.