Rotation texture

I have a problem with texture rotation to upload it to Shapediver.
Please could anybody help me?
Kind regards,
rotation (14.7 KB)

I am not sure for what purpose you are using Squid components to modify the texture, so I did not work on your script itself. However, the component you are looking for is probably this one:

It will help you rotate and scale the texture coordinates of your mesh, to achieve the positioning you want.

Thank you a lot!
This is much better, but there are some issues.
If I zoom in the mesh, the picture randomly rotates 90 degrees.
And if I zoom in the picture/texture - I can’t find the scaling center.
Could this be like a mask for my diamond picture?
rotation (22.5 KB)

In your definition, at a point, you convert a brep to a mesh. Depending on the size and orientation of this brep, the way texture coordinates are applied can be unpredictable.

On top of the transform texture UV component, a good way to solve this is to use the texture mapping components from Human. In this case, you can apply a planar texture map and control the extents of this map, which becomes your scaling factor. That way you can also control the scaling center.

I am not sure if the currently supported version of human can still be downloaded, so I am attaching both the changes i made to your definition and the version of human you need to make it work.

rotation (24.8 KB)
Human.gha (400.5 KB)

That’s it! Thank you! Very very much!
And I have one more question: is there a way to isolate one picture