Texturing Wish, here are some extra words because of that irritating15 character minimum


To to put something like a pinstrping pattern on an airplane, I draw some shapes in a side view (checking with projection with history,) render or capture them out as a black and white image, crop the image, then make it a texture to use in a blend material. It would be nice if that was all automated. I suppose this fits under the category of 3D painting.

(Steve Baer) #2

I dropped the minimum title length to 10

(Brian James) #3

Does the Tile Texture help here? I use it in the displacement video tutorial to make stripes and the result could also be used to control a blend.

I lobby for texture painting too though!


Hi Brian,

I’ve done that too for simpler stuff yes.

(Brian James) #5

If you have a sample model that you can send that illustrates how texture painting would make this easier, please send it over and I’ll file the request.