Help with texturing a surface

I work in reconstructing traffic collisions and one of the things my boss was looking at was to texture the surface that we created for the road. The pictures we take of the scene will allow us to create a photo mosaic which we can then apply to a surface. I was able to get a texture on one of the surfaces that we created but I tried again with a different site that we’ve been working on and the surface did not want to show the texture. I followed the same steps as the first test but got 2 different results.

Hi Lorenzo - most likely you’ll need to use planar mapping on the objects, from the objects’ Properties , from above; see Help on texture mapping.


I used planar mapping but I’m still having the same issue.

Hi Lorenzo - Can you post an example file, and the images, or send to me via private message?



I got it. I ended up changing the direction of the texture and it popped up on the surface. I didn’t think that would be an influencing factor considering it was just a picture being applied to the surface but it worked. Thanks for your help.