Textures applied on a shoe model

3D textures applied on an exported .stl mesh. The final result as a .3DM exceeds 1GB.
Grid is hexagons with Dendro->mesh.
The rough leather texture is noise applied on a subdivided tri-mesh.


have you played with reducemesh? you may be able to reduce the hex patterns density a bit.
The pebble texture however, will have to be super dense to keep it’s fidelity.

typically the pebble texture would be done with a mold texture so you would not typically use a digital texture for production.


Thank you for the reply!
I made this texture for 3D printing purposes.
It’s my first time getting a mission like this, so I have tried really hard to reduce the hefty size of the printable result, but still 1GB. Now I guess this is not avoidable.

And you are right, the hex pattern is too dense.
shoe texture.gh (899.6 KB)

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Hallo Quan, i am interested in how you did it.
Did you use grasshoppers for the shape and tissue structure?
Or did you create the model with NURBS surfaces and convert a displacement into mesh?

Nice fine stucture!

I didn’t model the shoe. It came as an .STL. The texture was made in Grasshopper. I tried displacement, but I can not eliminate the seam. So I guess in my limited knowledge GH was a better option.

Actually, now I think of it, for this case, I should have done it in Blender. Using Blender’s procedural shading editor, one can do it much easier.

I think many things can be realised better in polygon modelling programmes.
I had started with 3ds Max. It’s been a long time and I haven’t used it anymore.
Blender is a good option.

I have some sketches of shoes that I haven’t modeled. But I will do that in the future.
Structures and materials are important there. Substance painter and designer would also be helpful.