Textured mesh from RealityCapture does not render in V-ray

I generated a 3d model out of a drone footage using reality Capture.
After that i export it as .ply or .obj mesh with its texture.
When importing the model into rhino, the texture is clear and visible in render viewport mode. It also works when i render an image from rhino embeded rendering tool.
However when i turn Vray on, the mesh comes as a plain surface without texture.
How can i fix it? (for Vray- bcs iam mostly working with this engine)
Is there a way to improve rendering time in rhino render? (it takes ridiculously long to render with my High speq laptop - at least 20times more than it should)

Thank you for any help!
Screenshots below:

I tried rexporting it from RealityCapture into every format possible and later importing it into rhino. Unfortunately nothing helped. Is there any way I can wrap mesh with a texture? I have my texture in 4 possible variations exported (combined image below). How can I re-wrap a mesh with texture in rhino (and possibly vay)?

Well, you can

  1. make a displaymode with a flat lighting
  2. ViewCaptureToFile the topview at a higher than 1x resolution
  3. crop that image in PhotoShop
  4. set the mesh to have planar mapping
  5. apply the newly created map.