Texture Workflow improvement- Create material by dragging from Libraries

Just Drag textures from libraries over the material dropdown to create material as shown in image.

In Rhino 8 you can drag a texture from the Render Libraries or File Explorer panel into the viewport to create a material from it.

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But I guess the request is rather to drag a selection of textures that’d comprise a PBR and have it automatically create a PBR.

is that create all desired maps in a single material just like it did when we choose “Create Physically Based material from texture files” ?

yes, exactly. rhino automatically detect suffix like _Color _Roughness _metallic _AO and create material out of dragged item. and if they dont contain suffix then make seperate material of them.

This works now in Rhino 8 if the PBR texture folder is zipped… drag and drop. Maybe I’m misunderstanding the request though.

Does it work when the images are not zipped, but you have a bunch of texture images that comprise a PBR selected and drag that?

If the images are not zipped you need to use this option in the Materials panel.

I understand that is how it currently is done. The request is to make it possible to drag the selected images directly into the viewport to create the PBR material.

actually i am fine with the option but when we click on it, it open external window and we have to manually dig deep into particular textures folder. (the navigation option in windows explorer is very pathetic compared to modern files explorer which offer folder tagging.)
instead we setup our texture folders in libraries so we dont have to dive into textures folder each time. as libraries support direct option to jump into any pre-defined folders.

Thanks for explaining more. In Rhino 7 the best option will be to Zip your texture sets and add those zip folders to the custom folder locations as you show. Then drag and drop those into a Rhino viewport to create the PBR from the set versus the individual textures.

I can file a request for the choice to be given in Rhino 8 when dragging and dropping multiple textures but In some cases you will want individual materials so the existing behavior should be maintained as well.