Path for "Create Physically Based Material from Texture Files"

Hi McNeel
Is it somehow possible to customize the path when clicking the + on the materials tab and selecting “Create Physically Based Material from Texture Files”? I tried to change the two RDK paths I could find in advanced settings, but I’m not seeing a change. It’s killing me having to locate my own texture library each and every time.

TIA, Jakob

Hi Jakob - thanks, I’ll check - it probably ought to be possible to do this from Libraries as well, where you can set favorite folders. That is changing in V8, I’ll have a look and make bug track items if it seems needed.

@Normand - you can indeed do this from Libraries, in V7, too - dragging a zip file that has the textures onto the viewport launches the process.

Another way out, doing this from the Materials panel, is to add your locations to Windows explorer’s ‘Quick Access’

That said, I suppose it could at least remember the last used folder in a session - I’m going to guess that it reverts every time because locating that render content folder could be pretty tedious if that is what you want.


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